About Bali with Putu W.

About Bali with Putu W.

A chat with Putu Wawan


13/10/2022- 14/10/22


About- Putu is a Balinese native (?) who moved from West Java (?) to live a life that was more suited to him. He is not Muslim & mentioned the rest of Indonesia is more ‘strict’. His english is outstanding- self taught.

He is a driver now, but has worked selling crackers on motorbike during the pandemic. Previous to that he owned a computer store.

Bali from his eyes-

Fuel is no longer affordable. Although coal is mined in the country- Java, it is sent off to Singapore to be refined.

There is a lot of pollution- especially now with a new highway in the sea. They are planting mangroves to help with this.

For people here to adopt something innovative it must be attractive for locals. It is most important for it to be easy. Something to bring pride and dignity. Use and discard culture still- we can’t change behaviour. No education for older people. But happy to adapt their way of life. Decentralised is good, but there are already known cases of government shutting down this kind of independent/user owned resources.

Water here is too polluted. There is trawl fishing down south (where we are), apparently more sustainable fishing north & west. Around here we have a lot of birds, water snakes, small fish and cranes. Balinese want clean water…

Our invention could appeal to fish hatcheries and tourism. But needs to be convincing on a political level. Putu feels time is now- there is urgency to have other fuel sources.

Materials in abundance-

‘No more new appliances!’. People want nothing new- they have enough, they prefer to adapt. Everyone has a lot! Consider not adding but reclaiming. Buying new here is often cheaper- that is why there is a throwaway culture too. Plastic bottles, fishing town waste, abandoned existing boats and barges, fuel drums. Summary from Hong-

Balinese have already a strong spirit of ingenuity. In many ways they as a people tread lightly. It is because of heavy tourism from the West/white people that levels of consumption & extraction from nature is unsustainable.

Recording from the 14th- Putu met more team members- Pam & Alvaro


hydrogen harvested by the pods to charge batteries, electric cars, electric scooters, their incoming electric economy… ??



What’s happening in 2022.. Balinese Initiatives

Car free days!


On Sundays, the four-lane road on Jalan Niti Mandala is closed to vehicular traffic from 6:00-10:00 am. Public turn out to walk, run, exercise, and ride bicycles.

Hosting the 10th World Water Forum (WWF)  in 2024.


Bali won out over Rome, Italy, in the final selection process as host for the 10th World Water Forum in a vote that required a simple majority or a minimum 19 votes from the 36 voting selectors. Bali received 30 votes to win the competition.  Bali’s selection for the 10th World Water Forum reflects the international community’s faith in Indonesia’s commitment and leadership role in water resource management. Access to clean air and sanitation are critical elements in Global Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs).  The 10th WWF in 2024 has adopted the theme “Water for Shared Prosperity,” reflecting a very relevant requirement given the current global situation. The supply of clean water remains a complex challenge in many countries worldwide. Indonesia is the first Southeast Asian nation chosen to host the WWF. The hosting of the prestigious global event is seen as strengthening Indonesia’s role in the management of sustainable water resources.