Contacts/Opportunities Repository

NameTagsCompany/ OrganizationDescURLReferee / Where do we know them from?LiasonNote
Elizabeth Tan
Impact InvestorBlockchain
Singapore-based head of Impact and Sustainability for Enjinstarter, a blockchain-based crowdfunding platform for crypto startups
Tomas Diez, from Soulbound Blockchain Event
Guy Cawood
Startup Founder
Green Steps
help rewild the planet through a proprietary verification platform. He is one of the world’s thought leaders in carbon emissions and circular economies with studies in sustainability management at the University of Cambridge
Tomas Diez, from Soulbound Blockchain Event
Seagrant MIT
Tomas Diez, from Soulbound Blockchain Event
Prof. Pramaditya Wicaksono
ResearcherBlue CarbonMapping
Unversitas Gadjah Mada (UGM)
Blue Carbon Research Group
Jinger Zeng
Hackster Impact Award
Prof. Eniya
Nadea Nabilla (Dea)
Startup FounderCoastal CommunityEV
Azura Indonesia
Startup producing electric motors for local fishing boats
Workshop on 30 Aug
Elaine ReginaEka Prawira
Venture BuilderNature-Based Solutions
SEAsian venture builder based in Singapore mainly focusing on nature-based businesses - especially in food systems. Terratai is incubated from RS Group, an investment management company that works with sustainability based initiatives and it's based in Hong Kong (
Workshop Investment Hub Activation and Bali Ecosystem Gathering by SMESCO & Koalisi Ekonomi Membumi
Eka Prawira
1. They are focusing on initiatives from food system - in our case we can link it to the ecosystem revitalization for crab, mangrove, etc through the oxygen we produced or if we find suitable catalyst from food waste 2. They are looking for initiatives that already at least at beta stage. So it's possible to get some funding from them, but maybe a little further down the line
World Resources Institute (WRI) Indonesia
World Resources Institute (WRI) Indonesia
Toyota’s Local Partner - responsible in pushing initiatives on the government level for the Bali Net Zero Emission 2045 goal hencewhy the Toyota project could be implemented
Elaine Regina
SOA Grants
Sustainable Ocean Alliance
They fund Carbon Ethics project from Indonesia — Financial grants, fellowships, and  mentorships to project leaders who are under 36 and addressing critical ocean issues with grassroots, collaborative approaches. — General Interest Form