Feasibility Study for Potential Floating Solar Hydrogen in Mangrove Communities in the Upper Thailand Gulf

Where would be the best place to pilot floating solar hydrogen in the Upper Gulf of Thailand?

Notes on methodology: design for technology in a site-specific context

Post-rationalization for engineers and designers

  • Define objective: improve the quality of life of people and the environment in coastal mangrove areas
  • Define criteria from technological characteristics:
    1. Sun: how much solar exposure?
    2. Water: bodies of water that are not excessively exposed to big waves, extreme wind, current, flood, tsunami
    3. Mangrove: proximity to mangrove conservation / growing project
    4. People: close to people that could benefit from a greener energy
    5. Legal status: area that’s relatively easy to work in
  • Social Network Talent Identification: Mouhsine → Nong → Kuekkong → Duke
  • Desktop research based on criteria
  • Define questions
  • Field observations
  • Immersion, Saturation
  • Improving explanation, note-taking, data gathering
  • Getting better questions from locals
  • Drawing for communication (beyond the language barrier)
  • Data “digestion”
  1. Scoring and Ranking from observations [score table]
  2. Statistics (% likelihood of success based on observed criteria) [equation]
  3. Additional criteria and subjective post rationalization [expanded weighted equation with core criteria and outlier criteria] say industrialisation of country, corruption, potential for impact, social network, legality, institutional infrastructures, culture, religion, business appetite, political cycle, trend, history, incentives, Funders interest
  4. Storytelling and projection. The comment section. Taking stock of the local complexity, the past, the present, and imagining the future in that location. Designing experiences with environment, artefacts, technology, business, behavior, influencing bias, impact and engineering cultural change (public relations)

Conclusion. Designer as a multidisciplinary approach (GIS, engineering, ethnography)

  1. Day 1 [Red] Dec 26, 2023
  2. Day 2 [Orange] Dec 27, 2023
  3. Day 3 [Yellow] Dec 29, 2023



Floating Solar Hydrogen in Mangroves in the Upper Gulf of Thailand

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