Looking for 3D Rendering Animator




30 seconds of video


Original 3D files

15 seconds outside

15 seconds inside

200 USD budget


Show kids at the land booth fixing and charging bicycle

Fishermen boats attach


Gas burner

Electric Lighting

Hydrogen tanks in the background

Electrolysis tanks somewhere

Original files

Alt. 1: Fahri - Residential Interior 3D Render Animator

https://pixl.co.id/ | https://www.instagram.com/pixl.co.id/

+62 818-0600-0806

Work examples:



His comments:

  • The design file is still very low poly - need more detailing of the materials, activity, items on the platform and surrounding environments
  • For this project, will take around 2 weeks production ( 1 week preview, 1 week production (including revisions)
  • The deadline (25 Sep) is quite close for him - can’t do detailed render with 3Ds Max in within that timeframe - but might be able to use Lumion for that
  • He will try to make a trial based on the skp file that we have — will be done by Thursday - and will inform if he’d like to take on the project or not
  • min. 30 seconds
  • Estimated price: 3 million (Lumion render) — can be down to 2 million if it’s not too detailed

Sample/trial based on our current design:

  • type of trees
  • boats —> traditional
  • activities: doing experimentation, lab coat, doing workshops, charging bike
  • do some detailingg
  • set meeting
  • get people excited to come to serangan & do science experiment nearby nature in bali