Working Drawing for Boat Fabricators


Layout file:

Boat Fabricators:

  • Bali Fiberglass

made by Bali Fiberglass (2018):


  • Mr.Kifli
    • He suggested for the platform deck to be made of fiberglass - so both hulls+deck joint together made of fiberglass (pontoon)
    • Mr. Kifli will provide 2 different quotations for 1. Pontoon only and 2. Pontoon + overall cabin
    • About the permit: will help in getting the boat pass permit (‘Pas Kecil’ / Small Pass), already has priority connection with Kementrian Perhubungan Syahbandar (ministry of transportation) to arrange such permits
    • Fabrication lead time: 3-4 months
  • Swadayagede Ship Builder Serangan
    • very knowledgeable guy, seems to understand science & engineering stuffs
    • His comments:
      • does not recommend hollow metals; not durable for coastal & marine setting, even if we coat it with marine coating, they will still get corroded pretty easily. What he recommends instead:
        • Fiberglass
        • Stainless steel (for the cabin construction, cons: expensive)
        • Wood, coated with polyurethane coating (much better than hollow)
        • Bamboo (even better than the hollow)
        • depends on our budget — but these are much better than using steel frames

    • about permit, the dynamics within the permission system in indo