Clarification on the methodology and gaining adoption

ENEL: “Green Hydrogen: where are we now?”

How are we going to make this project a success? Go from conventional, to innovation, to invention

  1. Combining conventional technologies to establish a baseline of performance and price
    1. Develop a clear framework of evaluation to respond to subsidiary and investment criteria (environmental impact assessment, anthropological and cultural integration, engineering feasibility, business, and economics)
  2. Try to improve the performance, do small tweaks
  3. Start to implement novel and more exotic technologies

What are the technological differentiators that may give you an advantage?

  1. Low-pressure hydrogen (current)
  2. Non-toxic catalyst (short term)
  3. Deep water hydrogen compression (long term)

What are the large funds available for such projects?

Great thanks to Giandomenico Zappia for the constructive discussion and pointers. ENEL position on hydrogen: