Sketch for a 10 lines floating solar hydrogen laboratory

A 6 x 6m floating platform


Above water, 10 research lines, each has:

  1. Solar panel produce electricity, connected to a charge controller board
  2. Water electrolysis Device that breaks water into oxygen and hydrogen
  3. Hydrogen balloon to store hydrogen

Underwater, oxygen bubbles are pumped to improve water quality

We measure

  1. The voltage coming out of the solar panel (volts)
  2. The temperature in the electrolysis tank (degrees celcius)
  3. The weight of the hydrogen balloon (grams)

The website shares data in real time

  1. Webcam video feed
  2. Weather station data [INPUT]
  3. The teams profile
  4. [OUTPUT] The chemistry of the catalyst (list of components)
  5. Hydrogen production volume (liters / kgs)
  6. The power that feeds the electrolysis machine (volts)
  7. The temperature of the electrolysis machine (Temperature in Celsius)

Every week, the teams improve the chemical mix and measure the hydrogen production